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Do you realize that you might be the only church your neighbors ever know?

Church is not a place we go. Church is a people who go; a people who go to others with open hands and open hearts, a people who go to pray and share and care for those in need, a people who love their neighbors. Whose church are you?

A Caring Church

Jan 25, 2015 | Dan Nold

A Church Without Walls

  • "We do not believe that material comfort is a worthy goal for a Christ-follower. We live for a dream bigger than the American Dream and inconvenience ourselves for the sake of those in need, locally and globally."
  • "We believe that the early church grew through an example of sacrificial generosity and supernatural grace, and so should we."
  • "We believe that everyone has a calling and we want to help you discover yours."
  • "We believe that if all we do is grow Calvary, we have failed. Our church is more than just Calvary. We love the whole church of the city."
  • "We believe that Church is not primarily an address, it’s a people. You can cancel a worship gathering, but no one has ever been able to cancel the Church."