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Blessed are the broken? Blessed are those who mourn? Really? The beatitudes Jesus share seem upside down but are a pathway to a blessed life. Discover what "blessed" truly means. 

A Church Without Walls

  • "We believe that we need never apologize for being all about Jesus. Jesus is our primary passion, our glorious leader, our gracious savior, the architect and builder of the church, the redeemer of our mess, the goal of our living, the point of the parade and the life of the party. We are all about Jesus."
  • "We believe that faith-inspired risk honors God."
  • "We believe that both our hearts and our minds are in the process of being redeemed, so we value intellectual humility.
  • "We believe that going deeper in discipleship is nothing less than growing in our capacity to love God, love our neighbors and love each other. Every metric we value should be tied to how well we love."
  • "We believe that unity is both a doctrine to believe and a command to live out."