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Current Series

Blessed Beyond Belief. 200 decades ago, Jesus took his followers up on the mountain to show them the pathway to blessing. A life that is blessed beyond belief is less about what we get and more about who we are becoming. It's less about a life without hurt and more about a life full of heart. And ultimately it's less about me and more about being a real-life blessing to others.

A real-life blessing that turns enemies into friends.

A real-life blessing that values people over pleasure.

A real-life blessing that is passionately committed.

A real-life blessing whose words can be trusted.

A real-life blessing who gives grace.

A real-life blessing who loves in an uncommon way.

When it's all said and done, real-life blessings are nothing other than people who live life with the heart of God.

A Church Without Walls

  • "We believe that both our hearts and our minds are in the process of being redeemed, so we value intellectual humility."

  • "We believe that God is worthy of our best, but He doesn’t need it. So we will strive to give him our best but rest in the reality that he can do more with our failures than we can begin to imagine. 

  • "We believe that generosity is a pathway to the heart of God.  Our hearts follow our treasures. You will never, ever, ever out-give God."

  • "We believe that Jesus is full of truth and grace and we need both.  You cannot have one without the other, but if we err…we choose to err on the side of grace."

  • "We believe that it is possible to bring together the best of the charismatic and evangelical streams and we desire to do so."