Welcome to Calvary Kids!

Giving kids the opportunity to choose the 24/7 adventure of following Jesus.

We believe that each child is created to have a relationship with God and has been given unique talents and abilities to influence their world and community. We also believe that no one has more influence over a child than his or her parent, so we are committed to partnering with parents and offering helpful tools to support their kids spiritually.

At Calvary, we provide kid-friendly, safe, and relevant experiences for infants through 5th grade during most Calvary gatherings. 

We go to great lengths to ensure a safe and secure environment through screening and background checks for our volunteers, offering a secure check-in system, and providing rooms designed with your child in mind.

Learn more about Calvary Kids by clicking on the tabs to the left: what the weekends look like, how we connect with parents, how you can get involved, and more. We hope that our weekend gatherings are a highlight of your child's week!