XStream Volunteers

Calvary is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for those who participate in our programs. We diligently evaluate our security procedures and are working toward an even safer and more secure environment for children and youth who participate in our Calvary programs.

Therefore, in order to minimize any vulnerability to children and youth, as well as minimize unwarranted accusations of improper behavior that our Calvary volunteers and employees may experience in our ministries, we have added some requirements for all volunteers and paid employees.

To fulfill these commitments as fully as possible Calvary has adopted the following procedures to be used, without exception, when selecting ministry volunteers and employees:

Step One
1. Complete an online form. Applications will only be viewed by appropriate Calvary leaders. Your application runs three clearance checks:

a. National Criminal Database
b. National Sex Offender Database
c. Social Security Number and Address HistoryVerification

2. Volunteers and employees will be re-screened every thirty months to ensure a safe and secure environment for children and youth participating in Calvary ministry programs.

3. All volunteer candidates must regularly attend a Calvary gathering for three months or more before they will be considered for any ministry position involving contact with children or youth.

Privacy Statement
Protect My Ministry, a secure organization licensed to conduct background checks, is the only party that will see a social security number (SSN). A SSN will be used only to run an identity and address verification check. Rest assured that your privacy and identity are protected.

From Protect My Ministry’s website: “Protect My Ministry background checks are performed on secure sites and the online systems are tucked away in secure servers and locations with offsite backups. Protect My Ministryis a Christian-owned and operated business.”

In other words, applications will always reside onProtect My Ministry's servers - it will never reside on Calvary equipment. Your SSN will show as: * to Calvary when your application is viewed and as XXX-XX-(last four digits) on the clearance records

Step Two
Once a clear background check has been returned you will be notified. The next step in the process is for you to complete an online youth ministry leader application.

Step Three
All volunteer candidates will meet with Pastor Stacy or someone from the Calvary Youth Ministry staff for a personal interview and review of the application. Following this approval, volunteers will join the youth ministry team and begin working with students.

If you have any questions please contact Calvary’s Youth Pastor, Jake Nold.