Giving FAQs

How much do I give?

Many times we tend to look at the size of the gift or the goodness of the cause. But Jesus measured generosity by a different standard: the condition of the giver’s heart. The best place to begin is by giving 10 percent of your income, which was modeled for us in the Old Testament. Some may want to start with more or less, but it's often best to begin with a set percentage on a regular basis. 

Key things to do before giving:

  • Ask God for direction. 
  • Choose a percentage and commit to it.
  • Remember everything you have belongs to God—the act of giving is simply offering back to God what is already his.

Why One Fund giving?

First, this approach reminds us that we are one movement with one vision. With a God-sized goal of $8.5 million over two years (see One by One), every dollar given will count as a part of our one vision to be part of God’s story in the world.

Second, when we give to different funds, we place greater value on some giving and less value on other giving. When we separate “missions giving” from “supporting the church,” it is easy to forget that support for the local church is support for the mission. The church is Christ’s “Plan A” for reaching our community and the nations with the Gospel.

Can I designate my giving to a specific purpose or fund?

No. During this two-year period (May 2014—April 2016), every contribution to God’s work through Calvary is a contribution to our One Fund. With the exception of gifts to personal support or sponsorships, everything funded through special funds in the past will continue as budget items in the One Fund. We will not give to separate funds. Therefore, every weekend becomes an opportunity to celebrate and contribute toward what God is doing in and through Calvary as we give for our church, community and world.

What are the possible advantages of a stock donation?

Non-cash gifts (i.e., stocks, bonds, and mutual funds) that have increased in value since you have owned them can result in extra tax savings, which allows your money to go further for ministry. In addition to regular tax savings, capital gains tax is not due on assets given to charity. Calvary will help you facilitate a stock transfer anytime into our brokerage account. If the stock has depreciated in value, the best step usually is to sell it, deduct the loss on your taxes, and make a tax-deductible, charitable donation of the proceeds.

How can I view my contributions?

See Ways to Give (statements).

Can I set up automatic giving? 

Yes! See Ways to Give.

How secure is my Online Giving Account?

An online giving schedule through myCalvary provides the most popular and flexible giving option. The use of your own private username and password guarantees all transactions are secure at all times.  Calvary Church utilizes Church Community Builder which implements multiple levels of encryption and safeguards for your data.

The ability to store, view and remove giving information is restricted to the donor.  Payment information is not stored on Calvary or Church Community Builder servers.  Instead, it is stored securely through BluePay’s (our third-party processor) servers which fully meet the PCI Security Standards Council compliance guidelines.

How do I know that my offering is being used for Kingdom purposes?

We make every effort to stay Kingdom focused. Our leadership carefully and prayerfully decides the budget every year followed by an approval at a congregational meeting in November. Check out "Where It Goes" for more details on our priorities. 

Why do some staff members raise support?

  • Staff members who raise support choose to do so out of their high level of commitment to the mission and vision of Calvary and their desire to serve the Church even when funds are not available to staff their position.
  • A large percentage of our congregation is made up of students, which results in a smaller budget than comparable-sized churches. Raising support enables us to staff certain positions that could not be funded otherwise.
  • Raising personal support allows interns to have a more focused ministry experience without having to work an outside job.

How do I support a staff member?

Submit the form at the bottom of the Give Online page (Support Calvary Staff/Interns) or print and mail this form.

How do I support a child through Calvary Global Kids?

Learn more about Calvary Global Kids here. You can support a child directly by submitting a form at the bottom of our Give Online page or print and mail this form.

What if I have questions that aren't covered here?

We're here to help! Contact us at