21 Days of Prayer & Fasting

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Dear Calvary Family,

I suppose I could try to count all the sermons I have preached on the importance of prayer. I suppose I could look back and remember all the times we have emphasized prayer and called the Calvary family to a season of united, intentional prayer and even fasting. In 24 years, it has been a frequent and consistent topic.

But this time feels different.

Ever since our week of prayer in the tent, my sense of desperation mixed with expectation has grown. I think for many of you, something has changed.

So I am asking you if you would press in with me. I’m asking if you would pursue Him passionately with me. I’m asking if you would personally decide that 2018 will be a year of something more for Christ. And when I say something more, I don’t necessarily mean trying harder, more like surrendering deeper.

I see at least 3-5 major emphasis on prayer in the coming year, including a citychurch week of prayer. But this is the start. Please join me in using this prayer and fasting guide for 21 days, seeking a 100x breakthrough.

Let’s ask God to amaze us.

All for Christ,



Prayer Wall

Add a prayer to the prayer wall so others can pray for you.

FLOOD the Valley

Flood is a monthly corporate prayer and worship gathering, meeting the first or second Sunday evening of each month at 6:00pm.  It typically includes worship, prayer, and sharing God stories.  Childcare is provided. For more information, contact: Lynn Nold.

Prayer Cabin

Need a quiet, safe place to meet with God? The Prayer Cabin at Harvest Fields is available for a quiet time for you and the Lord. Reserve the cabin by emailing . With your reservation confirmation, you'll receive a passcode to enter the cabin.

CityChurch Prayer Gatherings (OnePrayer)

Opportunities for individuals from within the community to pray together for our community. Meets quarterly. Contact: Lynn Nold.

Isaiah 61 Prayer Team

A prayer team that provides a safe and confidential environment where one can be taught to hear God's voice and receive His counsel, and to take steps forward in spiritual freedom. It involves listening prayer and inner healing prayer. Contact Lynn Nold for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Pastors' Prayer Shield

Consists of a group of men in the church committed to praying regularly for our pastors and the church. They also gather before each worship service to pray with the preaching pastor for the worship service. Currently Pastor Dan Nold's team is led by Bob Barbash.

Gathering Specific Prayer Opportunities

Each gathering may have different prayer opportunities. For more information, please contact the Gathering Pastors or the contact listed below:

  • Calvary Harvest Fields — Lynn Nold
  • Midtown — Jorn Junod
  • Penns Valley — Vince Smith 
ThirdPlace Prayer Retreats

Quarterly half day prayer retreats planned by ThirdPlace but open to anyone! For more information, contact Kristin Meyerback

Parents Prayer

The Parents Prayers group consists primarily of parents committed to praying for children mostly in the 18-35 year range who are not walking closely with the Lord. Our goal is to be sure that each child is prayed for daily by a minimum of two people, and that each day one child is prayed for by the entire team with the goal that they will be drawn back into a good relationship with Jesus Christ.  We meet on the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm at Harvest Fields.  Questions?  Contact Bob Shirey  .