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April 3rd

We have come to a close on our teaching series "Breathe Deeply: Finding Life in an Out of Breath World." Our last theme is "...till our last breath" and it's all about living our lives in such a way that we leave a legacy. What is it that you hope to be doing with and till your final breath! For our deeper resources this week I have a podcast, an online class and a suggestion. First the suggestion...

Breathe Deeper Suggestion: Perhaps this week is a week to go back and take a look at all the Breathe-Deeper Resources and pick something that you haven't done. There are a lot of great resources from the last two months!

Podcast: This is a great episode of a podcast called "Dadville." One of our Calvary family shared this one. It's an interview with Bob Goff, the author of Love Does. And if there is anything we should do with our last breath, it's love. Take a listen to someone who is living a legacy of loving others. There's even some neighboring stuff! Click LOVE WELL and give it a listen.

Online Course: We have been working to put together an online Front-Yard Mission masterclass. It's not fully developed, but it's close enough that we would like to do some beta-testing with you. We would love to have you take it and give us some feedback. Click FYM Class and dive in. I think you will find it helpful!

March 20th

BOOK: What is the simplest way to change the world? How about hospitality? If you want to be a breath of fresh air to the people in your neighborhood or on your hashtag, this book will make the case that hospitality is one of the best ways to do so.
ARTICLE: This article made me think. It's a short read but it could lead to a deeper conviction. Let it lead you to ask, when it comes to Jesus and Christian truth, how do I come across to my friends, neighbors, or colleagues?
VIDEO: If we want to be a breath of fresh air in our front-yard mission, our best model is Jesus. He was the ultimate breath of fresh air, full of grace and truth. If you haven't taken the opportunity to watch the series, "The Chosen" do it now by downloading the app here. As you watch an episode or two, ponder the ways in which Jesus was a breath of fresh air to the people around him.
PRACTICE: Practice hospitality. You don't have to throw a big party, though you can! God shaped you in a particular way, for example introvert or extrovert. But he calls all of us to practice hospitality. That practice will look different from person to person, but think of a way in the next week to practice hospitality.

March 13th

BOOK: Sacred Rhythms by Ruth Haley Barton. Barton's book is a new look at the spiritual practices which will develop intimacy with God.
BOOK: The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer. Comer has a great writing style bringing together biblical truth with research from a host of areas to make a compelling case against hurry. 
VIDEO: f you don't have time (in too much of a hurry) for the book, here's a video. Eliminate Hurry by John Comer.
PRACTICE: The discipline of silence and solitude. Plan a half day spiritual retreat. See Guide.

March 6th

BOOK: Eat this Book by Eugene Peterson. Peterson gives practical counsel on spiritual reading. He challenges us to view the Word as a feast of listening to God rather than the fast food of facts and information. He introduces practice of lectio divina, and shares a bit about translations, as he calls us to feast on the Word.
VIDEO: Eight minutes with Beth Moore on the connection between prayer and God's Word 
PRACTICE: Get the Seek God 2022 App for a great resource/app which will combine scripture and prayer in a 40 Day guide to prayer for your neighbors, community and central PA. It's not free, but it will only cost a dollar or two and will get you into a habit of breathing in scripture, and breathing out you "pray first" in your FYM.

February 20th

VIDEO: Peter: The Book of Acts The Work of the Spirit in Acts: The Eyewitness Bible Series can be found on YouVersion. It's a dramatization of parts of scripture. In this one based on parts of Acts, Peter tells the story of the work of the Spirit.
VIDEO: Hebrides Revival 1949 The Work of the Spirit in Revival: This video will give you a short taste of the work of the Spirit in the Hebrides Islands.
PODCAST: Holy Spirit Podcast Series, Four-part Podcast from the Bible Project on the Holy Spirit 
PRACTICE: Use the Saturate, Surrender, and Stretch card as a guide to experiencing more of the Spirit of God this week.
Saturate in Luke 10 and Ephesians 3:14-21 on Tuesday-Thursday, telling God you will surrender your agenda and time by being interruptible.
Then on the weekend (CWOW weekend) stretch beyond comfortable in your FYM.

February 13th

PRACTICE: Prayer of Examen - The prayer of examen is a practice initiated by St. Ignatius. It is a way of looking back over your day to see where God has been at work, present in your day, and to see where you have experienced his absence. This link will take you to videos that will walk you through the Examen. This link is audio only. I like that one. 
BONUS: Dan's Amazon Music Playlist - Some of these songs I love more than others. It's an eclectic group, but the common thread is "breathe deeply."
BONUS: Pastor Sean's Spotify Playlist for the Breathe Deeply series.

February 6th

BOOK: A Grace Disguised: How the Soul Grows through Loss by Jerry Sitzer is one of the most impactful books I’ve read. It describes how God uses loss to shape our souls.
VIDEO: A Journey to the Potter’s House is an illustrated sermon on how God shapes us, what it’s like to the clay on the potter’s wheel.
BREATHING EXERCISE: Travailing prayer. Do some groaning with hope for yourself or others.
Watch or Listen again to the weekend message.