Leadership Advance

Stay tuned for information about Leadership Advance 2021.

Conference is 3 full days: Friday 2-9pm; Saturday 9am-9pm; Sunday 9am-7pm

Leadership Advance is a weekend experience to help you better understand how you were created by God for a specific calling.

Whatever your season of life - age or career, Leadership Advance has something for you.

We’re excited about how God wants to use this time to reveal how He has uniquely shaped you. Leadership Advance is a time to connect with God in worship and His Word, and embark on this journey of discovery with others. 

Registration has now closed for 2020.  Check back in the fall for details about 2021.


God has something unique in store for each willing participant. If you come with an open, honest heart, and you are ready to learn, grown and hear from God, we trust your time will be fruitful. 

You can expect to:

  • Discover how God has uniquely shaped you with the help of the DiSC and StrengthsFinder assessments.
  • Learn more about yourself, others, God, and the world.
  • Discover more about God's vision for His Kingdom and for your place in it.
  • Meet people who are different from you and learn how to work well with them.
  • Be prayed for, even before you arrive.
  • Think, dream, reflect, and explore.
  • Interact with coaches, people who care for you, pray for you, and invest in your experience.
  • Hear challenging keynote speakers.
  • Experience the Life Mapping process.
  • Watch God show up and move throughout the event.