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 "As long as we are content to live without revival, we will."
--Leonard Ravenhill

Downloadable prayer guides, to use in the
continued mission of praying for revival:

1000 Hours Prayer Guide

Dry Bones Prayer Guide

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Father God, you are the God of our valleys and one day every valley will be filled with the knowledge of your glory.1  But God today, our valleys are full of bones.2  Our world and our communities, our neighborhoods and our church, even my heart has bones.  We are bringing you our bones.

We are proclaiming your word over our bones.3
Father we will be still and know that you are God.4  Jesus you are the Lord of our storms.5
Spirit you are the breath of God.  We are the light of the world.6  Nothing now can compare with our future glory and nothing can separate us from your love.7  We are your family and one day together we will sit around your table.8 

So breathe on us breath of God.
Fill us with life anew.9

We cry out to you Spirit of God. 
We have nothing to give but dry bones.
But our bones we are bringing.10
Breathe on us breath of God.

Fill us with life anew.
That we might live for others, an army of healers…
An army of healers bringing hope to the world.
An army of life-givers standing with and for others. 

Would you amaze us Father?
Would you amaze us Jesus?
Would you amaze us Spirit of God?11

Fill our valleys with life.

In Jesus name, Amen.


God show me the bones in my life.
Bring them to Him in a spirit of repentance.

Proclaim God’s Word in prayer and cry out to the Spirit for your neighbors, especially the 8 in your Front Yard Mission.

Pray for revival for the bones in our church and our world.
In the face of racial injustice, spiritual apathy, selfishness and whatever other bones you name.
Cry out to God for revival.

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