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SCRIPTURE: Psalm 46:1-10, Psalm 62

“BE STILL” QUESTIONS: Refuge, fortress, rock and salvation; always-present help. What from the two Psalms most encourages you to trust God and be still? Being still is more than being quiet; it’s the rest that comes from trust; the stillness of heart that comes when I stop trying to control what only God can control. It’s the stillness that comes when I pursue God with all my heart knowing He wants to be known. Where do I need to surrender control? Am I pursuing God for the stillness of my heart?  

LEONARD RAVENHILL REVIVAL QUOTES: “It's the time factor that kills most of us. Tell me how much time you spend alone with God and I will tell you how spiritual you are. Not how many meetings you go to. Not how many gifts you have. Not how many sermons you preach. Not how many books you've written. Tell me what time you spend alone with God and I'll tell you how spiritual you are.”  “You may study because your brain is hungry for knowledge, even Bible knowledge. But you pray because your soul is hungry for God.”

PRAY: This is where it starts; “Be still and know that I am God.” Ask the Spirit to bring to mind anything above Christ in your heart. Surrender it. Release every worry, every battle and barrier. Imagine stepping into His refuge. Ask Him for hunger in your heart and our hearts for Christ alone!

SECOND TEN MINUTES  “L” Look for the Rubble

SCRIPTURE:  Ephesians 5:1-20, Luke 10:25-28 

“LOOKING FOR THE RUBBLE” QUESTIONS: Sometimes it’s easier to see the rubble around us, than it is to see the rubble inside of us. What sins, what brokenness, what rubble do I need to confess to God today? As I read Ephesians 5, where does the Spirit convict me? Not just the bad I’ve done, but the good I’ve failed to do? If all the commandments are built on the call to “love my neighbor,” how am I doing in that area?  What brokenness in our church is breaking my heart? 

RAVENHILL REVIVAL QUOTE: “Almost every Bible conference majors on today’s Church being like the Ephesian Church. We are told that, despite our sin…we are seated with Him. Alas, what a lie! We are Ephesians all right; but, as the Ephesian Church in Revelation, we have ‘‘left our first love!’’ We appease sin—but do not oppose it. To such a cold, carnal, critical, care-cowed Church, this lax, loose, lustful, licentious age will never capitulate. Let us stop looking for scapegoats. The fault in declining morality is not (out there). The whole blame for the present degeneration and corruption lies at the door of the Church!”

PRAY:  Ask the Spirit of God to use the Word of God to reveal your rubble. Confess sin, every heart distraction. Ask God to show you the brokenness, rubble and sin in our church. Confess it. Ask God to draw us back to Jesus as our first love. Pray for revival in the church of central PA. 

A WORSHIP BREAK: Listen to this song by Sovereign Grace and tell Jesus thank you for making a way for us to come to the Father and be part of the family. “O Come All You Unfaithful.”


THIRD TEN MINUTES “E” Engage with Expectancy 

SCRIPTURE: Isaiah 61:1-4, Isaiah 62:1-7, Isaiah 64:1-4  

“ENGAGE WITH EXPECTANCY” QUESTIONS: The theme woven through all three of these passages from Isaiah is the theme of expectancy. But don’t miss that this expectancy begins with desperation. When desperation combines with hope it produces revival prayer. Where am I groaning in expectancy for glory in our story? Where am I desperate for the favor of God? Am I giving God no rest till He comes? Do I plead with God to rend the heavens and come down, no matter what? 

RAVENHILL REVIVAL QUOTES: “To me it is a shocking commentary on present Christian feebleness that while, in the first century, 120 people could move from an upper-room closet and shake Jerusalem, nowadays 120 churches claiming a like experience of the Holy Spirit can be in one of our cities and yet that city hardly know they are there.”  “I can give you one simple reason why we don't have revival in America. Because we're content to live without it.” 

PRAY: Take time to pray for local/national/global issues that you know you cannot fix on your own; problems that require God’s hand to rend the heavens and come down. Racism, poverty, division, sex trafficking, abortion, mental health, abuse, religious persecution, etc. Now let the Spirit of God draw you to the needs in your neighborhood. Ask Him to give you a spirit of desperation and expectancy that leads to travailing prayer. Pray specifically through one or more of the Isaiah passages…just read through them and pray for whatever comes to mind!  

FOURTH TEN MINUTES “S” – Share Your Life

SCRIPTURE: Matthew 5:13-16, I Peter 3:13-15

“SHARE YOUR LIFE” QUESTIONS: What do I have to share? We are light and salt. When we bless others, we are living proof of a loving God. We share our stuff, our life, our time and our testimony. Who is on my hashtag list; part of my front-yard mission? How have I shared my life with them? If I’m not, what’s kept me from sharing? Am I ready to give a reason for my hope? 

RAVENHILL REVIVAL QUOTE: What God wants is not to fill up empty pews. He is not concerned about filling empty churches. He is concerned about filling empty hearts, and empty lives, and empty eyes that have no vision; empty hearts that have no passion, and empty wills that have no purpose.

PRAY: For those on your hashtag list. Pray specifically for each one by name. Pray for opportunities to share your life with them. Ask to God to give you an opportunity to share with some, the reason for the hope within you. Take a moment and write down the names of those in your front-yard mission. Ask Jesus to fill their hearts and their lives, and give them a purpose for living.










A WORSHIP BREAK: Listen to this song by We the Kingdom, and let it draw you to worship the God who loves every sinner, including us. “God So Loved”

FIFTH TEN MINUTES “S” – Stand and Cheer

SCRIPTURE: 2 Corinthians 9:6-15

“STAND & CHEER” QUESTIONS: Standing and cheering has two dimensions. Vertically, we stand and cheer God for all the good He has done. Horizontally, we encourage someone else by letting them know we believe in them and are cheering them on. Paul says that our sacrificial generosity leads others to cheer God! It reflects on His indescribable gift of Jesus! Does my trusting generosity lead others to stand and cheer for God? Who in my life has demonstrated this kind of trusting generosity? Not just with money, but also time, and abilities. They live life with open hands. 

RAVENHILL REVIVAL QUOTE: It is my solemn conviction that the most glorious hour of the church has yet to be born. All the heroes of faith have not yet been listed. All the chapters of the church, “fair as the moon, clear as the sun, and terrible as an army with banners”, have not yet been written. The greatest exploits of faith have yet to be done.

PRAY: Spend time cheering God for all the good He has done and is doing in and through your life, your family, your neighborhood and church. Ask Him to bless the various acts of blessing that have occurred through the Calvary team, and through you. Ask God to raise up a generation of all-in heroes of the faith, who live with open hands, fully trusting in Christ, fearlessly loving others.

SIXTH TEN MINUTES A Closing Time of Prayer

READ: This year, I passed on these two letters from the church of Iran to the church of America. Read them. They continue to grip my heart.

Letter from the Church of Iran #1    

Letter from the Church of Iran #2  

PRAY: Spend time praying for the church of Iran that God will use them to draw the nations to Himself. God loves the people of Iran, Afghanistan and the surrounding nations. BUT ALSO pray that we might be more like them.  Then close by praying our Do It Again Prayer:

God of revival, would you do it again? See us in the midst of our rubble and hear our cries to do it again. We confess our sins, the dryness of our bones, the rubble of our church, and the brokenness of our families and neighborhoods. O God, we need your gracious hand upon us, please do it again.

Like the amazing rebuilding of Nehemiah’s day…

Like your promise to Ezekiel to breathe life into dry bones…

Like the power of your Spirit that turned a ragtag group of Jesus-apprentices into those who turned the world upside down…would you do it again!

What you have done throughout history, would you do now? 

What you are doing globally, would you do here? 

What you have done through others, would you do through us? Lord, do it again.

Stir our hearts with holy fire. Breathe new life into dry bones. Fill our valleys with the knowledge of your glory. Revive your church and renew your people. Pour out your fierce, sacrificial love through us. We are your family and one day we will sit around your table, but for now, we are desperate for your hand upon us. We surrender to chase you with all our hearts. Hear our prayers Lord. Do it again and do it through us. Amen.



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