Calvary Church Ministry Residency

The Calvary Church Ministry Residency Program is a one year program designed for young adults who want to explore God’s ministry calling on their life. At Calvary, we believe that each of us is a masterpiece, fashioned by a good God for an amazing calling.  Beginning Fall 2019, this part-time program will be open to women and men, 18 -30 years old. 



How much does the program cost?
We are still working out all of the details, but our aim is to create a program that is free for participants.

Can I have a job while in the program?
Yes. Since this is a part time program, we have anticipated that participants will be able to continue working.

What does the weekly schedule look like? 
Residents will have obligations every Sunday, as well as (most likely) one other evening a week for training. One-on-one meetings will take place regularly, but not necessarily on a weekly basis. This is to accommodate work schedules.

How many hours a week is the commitment? 
Residents will spend 20+ hours a week in the program. This includes: participating in helping organize/run a Sunday service at a Calvary site, a once a week residency training meeting, various homework assignments, and one-on-one ministry meetings.

How do I get involved? 
All residents must apply, and undergo an interview with Directors Bret and Brandie Mavrich. To apply, please email by clicking the link below.

CLICK HERE for all questions, to express interest, or to request an application.