Thanks, No Thanks

Nov 19, 2023

Passage:Matthew 5:10-12

Preacher: Dan Nold

Series: Gritty Blessings


"Blessed are the persecuted," that's what Jesus said. To be clear, Jesus tells us that we will never find a more blessed life than the life He offers. But the path to that life is filled with difficulty, even persecution. If Jesus taught a prosperity gospel, it was woven through with a persecution gospel. Jesus was clear that He didn't come to make life easy but to make people great. And so he calls us to a life that is beautiful and true and a massive disturbance of the status quo. He calls us to trust Him as teaches us how to live and find beauty in the hardest of times. When we live like that people begin to see Jesus in us and Jesus said, if they hate me, they will hate you. But do you understand? When they hate you like that it's because they see Jesus in you.