We believe that we can build a great church all by ourselves, but we can only reach our city if we partner with other congregations.

In 1997, after three years of praying together, twelve local congregations gathered for a joint worship service at Eisenhower Auditorium. It was the first of many times that local congregations would join to worship and serve together.  

For 17 years, pastors from these congregations have met to pray for each other and our city. They have met to strategize ways we can work together to serve our community. They have led their congregations to live out Jesus' prayer that we would be known by the love we have for each other.

Those who participate in the CityChurch include:

Pastor Harold McKenzie: Unity Church of Jesus Christ

Pastor Bill Dripps: Grace Fellowship

Pastor Chris Grella: Evangelical Free

Pastor Ben Frank: New Hope

Pastor Drew Foster: Gray's Woods Church

Pastor Bryan Spang: Good Shepherd Lutheran

Pastor Steve Silliman: State College Assembly

Pastor Jonathan Weibel: Centre Church

Pastor Dan Digman: Cedar Heights Church

Pastor Aaron Henning: Christian Missionary Alliance

Pastor Dan Nold: Calvary Church

Pastor Joel Vint:  Wellspring Church

Pastor Jeremy Field:  Park Forest Baptist 

Pastor Dan Kiehl: Oakwood Presbyterian Church 

Pastor Tim Parker:  The Valley

Pastor Jordan Alturas:  The Fellowship