Front Yard Mission

Our hope is to catalyze a movement of people loving their neighbors that leads to revival and renewal in our churches, our cities, and our world. 

The world needs good neighbors. We can't all change the world, but we can start with the world right outside our front door. In recent years the Church has been distracted by programs and politics. But our future is being determined by how well we love God and love our neighbors.  Help us catalyze a #loveyourneighbor​ movement! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, begins at your front door. 

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What/Where is my Front-Yard?

Your front-yard is a group of people in your circle.  They are people geographically close to you. Think about your average week and daily activities.  We encourage you to first consider your geographic neighborhood, but other front-yards might include your workplace, or some other group that you are with weekly.


Can I do this?

Not only can you do this, we believe that God has uniquely shaped, prepared and is ready to empower you to do this. This isn't a job for the spiritual "elite"; this is for all of us. And all of us can do this! Every day we come in contact with people who could use prayer, or practical help, or an encouraging word.

How many people should be part of my front-yard?

We recommend starting with a number that will allow you to know the names, pray personally and intentionally care for and share with each person. 100 is too many, and 1 is too few!  You could start with a "hashtag"-- you are in center, and the other 8 surrounding sections can be filled in with 8 people you want to commit to pray for and love.