Resource Books for 100 Days of Extraordinary Prayer

The following 10 books are ones that I (Pastor Dan) and many others have found helpful. There are more. I have so many more! If none of these hit the mark of what you are seeking, let me know. AND if there is a book on prayer that’s helped you add something extra to  your ordinary, let us know!

Prayer Evangelism by Ed Silvoso – This book started us on the journey of praying for our neighbors. Ed gives realistic steps and inspiring stories of praying for our neighbors.

Let God Talk to You: When you hear Him, you will never be the same. Becky Tirabassi has had an extraordinary prayer life. If you haven’t read “Let Prayer Change Your Life,” you might want to start there, but this is a good book about listening to God, which is the part of prayer we often skip.

Prayer by O. Hallesby – You’ve heard a number of us talk about this book. It’s been around a long time, but Hallesby’s perspective on prayer is timeless. “Helplessness is your best prayer.”

Breakthrough Prayer by Jim Cymbala – Few churches have built a house of prayer like Brooklyn Tabernacle. (In fact we are going to spend a day there in August, if you want to come let us know.) Cymbala writes from personal experience of the kind of prayer that helps you connect with God in faith-filled, mountain-moving prayer.

City of Prayer by Trey Kent and Kie Bowman – This is the story of a group of churches that decided to make Austin Texas the most prayed for city in the U.S. It’s a story about the hope and transformation that can happen when churches unite in prayer. This book/story gave me hope that it can happen here! So good! 

Praying God’s Word by Beth Moore – Few things have grown my prayer life like praying scripture. Beth Moore narrows the focus in this book to “praying scripture to tear down strongholds and captivate our minds for Christ.” I love this statement and it’s so true, “God’s Word through prayer, help you overcome bitterness, anger and unforgiveness, setting you free…”

Prayer by Philip Yancey – This is one of the thicker books on the list, but Yancey does such a good job of dealing with the questions. Like… “Does prayer matter?” “If God knows everything, what’s the point of prayer?” and “Why does God sometimes seem close and sometimes seem far away?” In the end Yancy finds “I have learned to pray as a privilege, not a duity.”

A Praying Life by Paul Miller – This one is relatively new (2017) and has provided prayer-help for many. It’s a practical prayer guide that has encouraged thousands to pursue a bit extra for their ordinary prayer lives. Miller deals with unanswered prayer, using a prayer journal; prayers of lament, and prayer cards. I love his emphasis on developing new habits.

Prayer: Finding the heart’s true home by Richard Foster. This is one of the early books on prayer that kick-started my journey. Foster divides the book into chapters on moving inward, moving upward and moving outward. Prayer involves looking at our own hearts/lives (inward), intimacy with God (upward) and intercession for others (outward).

Fervent: A woman's battle plan to serious, specific and strategic prayer by Priscilla Shirer. If you haven’t read this one you should. Shirer has a number of books helpful for your prayer life but this one quickly became one of the classics on warfare prayer.


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