Racial Unity Statement

To the citizens of State College and the Centre Region,
We are pastors who are part of the CityChurch, a partnership of Christ-centered congregations committed to working together to love and serve our community. Alarmed and saddened by acts of racism, bias, and bigotry occurring during these already difficult times, we state the following:

We Believe:

• that God created all people (of every race, color, and nation) in His image. (Genesis 1:26-27)
• that God so loved the world (including all people of every race, color, and nation) that He sent Jesus to save everyone who believes in Him. (John 3:16; Revelation 5:9)
• that God's ultimate plan includes eternal fellowship among and worship by people from every race, color, and nation. (Revelation 7:9)

We Grieve:

• the recent hate and bigotry experienced by people of Asian descent in response to the global pandemic.
• the continuing tragedies involving the senseless deaths of African Americans at the hands of vigilantes.
• the ongoing mistreatment and tragedies experienced by African Americans and other people of color at the hands of a few members of law enforcement, tarnishing the image of officers who make every effort to show dignity and respect to all people.
• the systemic, underlying societal issues which continue to decimate minority peoples and perpetuate various forms of discrimination, oppression, and prejudice.

We Confess:

• that the church, historically and presently, has far too often been far too silent, failing to adequately speak to issues of injustice, discrimination, and hate.
• that the church, through its silence and views, has been complicit and engaged in allowing these hateful acts and views to exist and even thrive within society at large and within the church.
• that the church must be committed to justice, reconciliation, and the unity that God deeply values and expects of His people. (John 17:20-23) 

We Commit:

• to preach the value and worth of every human life of every race, color, and nation.
• to advocate for justice when hate, violence, and discrimination are inflicted upon people of any race, color, and nation.
• to prioritize repentance, reconciliation, and unity among all people, especially the church.
• to reflect the expansive, inclusive, pervasive love of God that He has for all people of every race, color, and nation. 

–CityChurch Pastors

Jordan Alturas, The Fellowship Church
Dan Digman, Cedar Heights Church
Bill Dripps, Grace Fellowship Church
Jeremy Field, Park Forest Baptist Church
Drew Foster, Grays Woods Church 
Ben Frank, New Hope Church
Chris Grella and Keith Maurer, State College Evangelical Free Church Aaron Henning and Chad Oberholtzer, State College Alliance Church
Dan Kiehl Oakwood, Presbyterian Church
Harold McKenzie, Unity Church of Jesus Christ 
Dan Nold and Stacy Sublett, Calvary Church
Steve Silliman, State College Assembly of God
Bryan Spang, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Joel Vint, Wellspring Church
Jonathan Weibel, Centre Church

Racial Unity Network (R.U.N.)
A Christ-centered ministry bringing racial reconciliation to Centre County, PA.  Click HERE to connect to Racial Unity Network's Facebook page.