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Stacy Sublett

Stacy Sublett

Gathering Pastor, Penns Valleyoffice: 814.238.0822 ext. 14

My wife and I have a heart for adoption. We added six children (to our 3 originals) to our family between January 2010 and September 2015. That makes nine children (Levi, Josie, Lilly, Isaac, Annabelle, Sadie, Charlie, Jase, and Zuzu.) We believe that life is best lived as a team, and we've got a full roster! We're pretty sure that any new additions are going to be grandbabies!

What brought you to Calvary?

Kim (my wife) and I have been part of Calvary since 1998. I was originally hired to be the youth pastor, but over the last 24 years, my role and responsibilities have shifted several times. The vision of a Church without Walls is the compelling reason that we’ve put down roots here.

What is your favorite part of serving Calvary?

I love getting outdoors (these days that's mostly hiking with the kids), coaching baseball, playing guitar, good coffee, good conversations, and chicken. I love talking about the dreams that Jesus has for his Church, and how we can lean in, following him. My hope is that we can grow smaller, even as more and more people get connected to Calvary. It's not just a catchy church slogan; we all need to have those life-giving connections to Christ, Community, and our Calling. I am absolutely convinced that God wants to transform our community, and that the Church, not just Calvary, but the Church of the Centre Region, has a pivotal role to play in that transformation!