Connecting in Community Online

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Calvary Harvest Fields Community Group (Facebook)

Calvary Lewistown Community Group (Facebook) 

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Resources for Kids & Family Time

Calvary Kids Video Content
View the video teaching content for Calvary Kids for this weekend. Content for preschool and elementary kids.

Crisis Conversation Guides
Use these guides to have a conversation with your child or teen and help them navigate tough situations.  Age-specific guides included.  

Parent Cue
Helpful information about managing children's fear and anxiety during a health pandemic. 

Free Resources
View our growing list of fun and educational things to do with your children at home!  Includes art, field trips, fitness/dance, music, church, educational games. 



Spotify Worship Playlists

Songs of Hope - Collection 1

Songs of Hope - Collection 2

Dan's CV Worship List (Amazon Music)



Growing Spiritually

Prayer Guides for this season




Connecting with your Front Yard Mission

Front Yard Mission HQ
Text FYM to 814-228-5007 for prompts and resources to love your neighbors well during this season.