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The Less for More Prayer

Father God, I need more. Our church needs more. My family needs more. I want more. I want more hope, more joy, more peace, more love. I want the fullness of life that Jesus offers. Father, saturate my soul with your Spirit so that I overflow with Jesus. I want more.

But I confess I’m full of everything but Jesus. I’ve loaded my mind with so much noise that it’s weary and worried. I’ve heaped stuff upon my soul that’s left little space for the Spirit who truly satisfies. I’ve filled my heart with treasures that are not Jesus. I’ve filled my time with my own agenda. I’m full. But it’s not you.

Something has to go.

I’m bringing you everything not-you that fills me up.

I open my hands in a posture of surrender. Empty me.

The noise, the distractions, the clutter, the fears, my attempts to control, my bitterness, my wounds, the burdens I’ve tried to carry on my own, my attempts to control, my stuff, even me, empty me of me. With open hands I surrender everything not-you.

Empty me, so you can fill me with joy and peace that overflows in hope.

Empty me so you can saturate my soul with your Spirit.

Empty me so I can abound with the life coming from your hand.

Fill us so full, that we can’t help but overflow with Jesus. Fill our families with your presence. Fill our neighborhoods with your love. Fill our valleys with the knowledge of your glory. Fill us so full, that we can’t help but overflow with Jesus.


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