The 2030 Vision

For over two decades, our charge at Calvary has been to build a church without walls. The church is not a building. It’s not an address. It’s the people.

For 20 years, we’ve been building people, people who love Jesus, love each other and love our neighbors, locally and globally.

So what's NEXT for Calvary? Our 2030 Vision.

It is our vision to be part of a movement to see the number of Jesus-Apprentices in Central PA DOUBLE BY 2030 and in the process catalyzing an epic release of leaders. In our NEXT Initiative, we have three goals.

  1. We will prioritize the next generation. We will passionately pursue the good of the next generation, helping them love Jesus and lead the church into all God has for us in the decades to come.
  2. We will bless every neighbor in our communities. We will pray like crazy and grow in generosity. We will step out in faith and live in God’s overflow. We will share Jesus with our hashtag.
  3. We will prepare in faith, for the fulfillment of the 2030 vision. We will begin to pay off debt, design structures, gather resources, and start gatherings that will prepare us for revival and for a doubling of Christ-followers in Central PA!

Join us in asking Him for more. 

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Read more about these three bold NEXT steps that we're taking as a church in the booklet below.

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