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Faithful Christians

What are we rebuilding? Let’s focus here on rebuilding the Church, the hope of the world. The church is an essential part of renewal and revival. So how do we do this?


What does it truly mean to be a faithful Christian? Faithful Christians love their neighbors sacrificially, and the truth is that as much as we love our building and our services, we can be faithful Christians even without those things. 

TAKE ACTION: Take some time and think about what it means to be a faithful Christian, even apart from some of the ways we’re most accustomed to thinking about it (viz. political engagement, Sunday services). What might it look like to rebuild church in this next season? 


Halloween weekend is coming up, and that comes with some amazing opportunities to reach out to your neighbors. If you’ve never started your Front Yard Mission, this is a great opportunity to do so. And if your FYM is already thriving, you can build even more!

TAKE ACTION: Head over to the new FYM blog and read the latest post, “5 Ways to Love Your Neighbor this Halloween.” 


Take a few minutes to read the following verses. Let the truth of who you are sink deep into your heart and take root. Come back to them any time you start to feel disqualified, ashamed, or unworthy to join in Kingdom work:

  • Romans 6:6-7. The “old” us was crucified with Christ and we are no longer bound to our past. 
  • 2 Corinthians 5:17. The “old” us is gone. We are made new.
  • Eph 1:3-14. This is who you are in Christ, no matter what your past mistakes or present circumstances, or future worries may look like. You are not disqualified- you are chosen. 
  • Eph 2:10. Remember that you are purposed for good work! God has a plan and purpose for exactly who He made you to be 

TAKE ACTION: Take 10 minutes each day this week and pray for these things:

  • Pray for renewed confidence in your identity in Christ as a new creation
  • Pray the Holy Spirit would reveal places where you are allowing your past or present fears to keep you from living the full life the Father wants for you.

This week, as you talk to God in your quiet time, you can listen to these worshipful songs:

Posted by Bret Mavrich


Every person’s story has a team. Your story has a team.  God doesn’t call any of us to do this life alone. From Moses and Joshua, Paul and Barnabus, to Jesus himself, we see in scripture that teams are just the way God moves in people’s lives.

This week, we’re taking action to build our team. Here’s how you can thrive in the areas of Christ, community, and calling.


When you think about reaching your neighborhood, who might be called to be part of your team? Or, which team might you be called to join? 

ACTION: This week’s Front Yard Mission (FYM) is all about forming neighbor-reaching teams in the form of micro groups.

Click here to get started!


Developing your team involves seeing God at work in your life and hearing his voice. 

ACTION: Spend some deliberate time in prayer with Jesus. See if you can hear him say two things: 

  1. Who in your life has spoken the words, “I believe in you?” 
  2. Where is Jesus himself saying to you, “I believe in you?” Be it a circumstance or an obstacle or a place where you are weary, where is Jesus by the Spirit trying to encourage you?


In the video above, Dan explains a simple rule of the kingdom:

If your goal is to serve someone else, you’ll never feel left out. If your goal is to speak into the lives around you, you’ll never want for a team. 

But if you’re waiting, you’ll always be lacking. 

TAKE ACTION: This week, don’t wait to be encouraged, but instead look for those you can speak life to. Here’s how:

  1. Take a few minutes and make a list of 3-5 people who you can speak into.
  2. For each person on the list, pray for them, and then think of a specific encouragement for them. 
  3. Deliver the message! Maybe you can speak to them in casual conversation at work; maybe a phone call or text is more appropriate. But make a goal to encourage each of them this week!
Posted by Bret Mavrich