Heart-to-Heart provides a fresh layer of truth that speaks to the issues, joys, and challenges of your everyday life. This topical study is taught by Sherilyn Jameson it’s practical, candid, grace-filled, and relevant to women in all stages of their journey.

Spring Teaching Schedule 2019

A Journey of Faith; God's Hopes and Dreams for Your Reality

This semester in Heart-to-Heart we will continue with relevant and practical teaching about the men and women remembered for their faith in Hebrews 11. Their stories have the potential to transform your fear in life into faith in God. The study promises to help you weave hope into your reality no matter how overwhelming or challenging that reality may be. 

God who created your heart to dream, hope, and believe in a good future knows that life is more often marked by disappointment, anxiety and fear over the future. Therefore, he invites you on a journey of faith to believe him in spite of the hard things in your circumstances, and come to trust him for something even better than you could ask or imagine.

Companion Book: Unquenchable: Grow A Wildfire Faith that Will Endure Anything by Carol Kent 

Carol Kent’s book is profound, authentic and hard to put down. She explains that God chose fire to represent his power, judgement, protection, and glory throughout history and “the challenge we all face is that life can dim our fire or even quench it, whether by the soggy mist of the mundane, or the quenching downpour of crisis.” Carol personally discovered that God’s Word contains secrets of nurturing his refining fire in our lives. She tells her story, and that of countless others, who have come to know God deeply through his fire at work in unimaginably good ways through unimaginably difficult circumstances. 

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Identical weekly sessions on Thursday mornings and evenings
Starting: January 31, 2019
Thursday Mornings, 9:30am - 11:15am
Thursday Evenings, 6:30pm - 8:15pm
at Calvary Harvest Fields

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Spring 2019 Teaching Schedule:

Week 1: Introduction: This Thing Called Faith
Audio | Notes

Week 2: The Story of Jericho and Rahab's Story: Faith for Outrageous Assignments
Jericho/Rahab Audio | Notes 
Reading Your Bible Audio | Notes

Week 3: Hannah’s Story: Faith in The Face of Disappointment
Audio | Notes

Week 4:
Hagar's Story: Faith in the God Who Sees
Audio | Notes

Week 5: 
Deborah’s Story: Faith to Live Your Calling
Audio | Notes

Week 6: Esther’s Story: Faith to Believe for Such a Time as This
Audio | No Notes

Week 7: Elisha’s Mother’s Story: Faith When Your Heart is Breaking
Audio | Notes

Week 8: Ruth’s Story: The Faith and Faithfulness Connection
Audio | Notes

April 25: Brunch/Dinner

Past Teachings 

Fall 2018//"God's Hopes and Dreams for Your Reality; A Journey of Faith"

Spring 2018//"Timeless Stories of Jesus: Hope and Healing for Every Woman"

Fall 2017//"Timeless Stories of Jesus: Hope and Healing for Every Woman"

Spring 2017// "Lessons from the Israelites for My Own Journey; A Walk Through Exodus"

Fall 2016// "A Life of Renewal: Navigating Soul Care That Impacts Me & My Family"

Spring 2016// "Hopeful Expectations"

Fall 2015// "Great Expectations" What if I expected...

Spring 2015// "Trusting God's Blueprint for My Heart & Home"

Fall 2014 // "Trusting God's Blueprint for My Heart & My Home"

Spring 2014 // "Getting Back to the Basics"

Fall 2013 // "Getting to the Heart of What Matters Most"

Spring 2013 // "Leaving a Legacy of Light"

Fall 2012 // "Our Father's Words to the Battle Weary"

Spring 2012 // "Putting on the Armor of Light"

Fall 2011 // "Leaving the Light On"

Spring 2011 // "Archived Teachings Spring 2011"

Fall 2010 // "Archived Teachings Fall 2010"

Spring 2010 // "Archived Teachings Spring 2010"


Fall 2018 "God's Hopes and Dreams for Your Reality; A Journey of Faith"

The same God who created a woman’s heart to dream, hope, and believe in coming good for herself and those she loves, knows that life can be marked by disappointment, anxiety and fear. Therefore, he invites her on a journey of faith to believe him in spite of the hard things and come to trust him for something even better than she could ask or imagine. 

Faith: the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.  

We will study Hebrews 11 and let it transform our fear into faith. The relevant and practical teaching about men and women remembered for their faith in Hebrews 11, promises to help us weave faith into our reality no matter how overwhelming or challenging that reality may be. We will incorporate a bi-weekly teaching segment using Kay Arthur’s “How to Study Your Bible” which will equip you to study God’s word with more confidence. 

Companion Book: How to Study Your Bible by Kay Arthur

Week 1: 
Your Story: When Faith Meets Reality (An Introduction).                                  Hebrews 10:35-11:3 
Audio | Notes

Week 2:  Abel’s Story: The Worthiness of a Sacrifice
Hebrews 11:4
Audio | Notes | Inductive Teaching

Week 3: Enoch’s Story: Faith in the Goodness of God
Hebrews 11:5-6
Audio | Notes

Week 4: Noah’s Story: Faith’s Role in our Rescue
Hebrews 11:7
Audio | Notes | Inductive Teaching

Week 5:Abraham and Sarah’s Story: Faith When Your Eyes Can’t See 
Hebrews 11:8-16
Audio | Notes | Inductive Teaching

Week 6:  Abraham and Isaac’s Story: Faith and Words of Promise
Hebrews 11:17-21
Audio | Notes | Inductive Teaching

Week 7: Joseph’s Story: Faith in the God of Good Intentions
Hebrews 11:22
Audio | Notes

Week 8: Moses’ Story: Faith that Inspires Courage
Hebrews 11:23-29
Audio | Notes

Spring 2018 "Timeless Stories of Jesus: Hope and Healing for Every Woman"

Timeless Stories of Jesus: Hope and Healing for Every Woman
The stories of Jesus, as told by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, are still speaking into the challenges, relationships and brokenness that women face today.  Jesus came to live among us in order to lavishly infuse our circumstances with his love and life. Heart-to-Heart will journey through the gospel books, Luke and John this semester. Women will learn from the words and ways of Jesus as he invades hearts and lives with hope and healing.

Companion Book
The Kingdom Belongs to Little Children” by Barry Adams, all chapter titles below are referring to this book.

“If God is indeed ‘Father’ and we are His children, family rules take precedence over secular rules, corporate theories, organizational charts, and power structures. Until we realize that the kingdoms of this world are in direct opposition to the kingdom of our God, we will miss the entire point of the Christian life in our pop his kingdom, weakness overpowers strength and the foolish confound the wise.” – Barry Adams, The Kingdom Belongs to The Little Children

Week 1: The Weary Disciples and Their Launch into the Deep;
Luke 5:1-11
Chapter 16: Little Children are Weak; Luke 1-5
Audio | Notes

Week 2: The Good Samaritan Who Had Mercy; Luke 10:25-37 Chapter 14: Little Children Have Really big Hearts; Luke 6-10
Audio | Notes

Week 3: The Parable of the Seeds and the Word of God;
Luke 8:4-15
Chapter 48: Little Children Can Eat All the Bread They Want; Luke 11-15
Audio | Notes

Week 4: The Lord’s Prayer and The Heart of a Child; Luke 11:1-13 and 12:32
Chapter 11: The Kingdom Belongs to Little Children; Luke 16-18
Audio | Notes

Week 5: Guest Teacher: Sue McCoy
A Father Welcomes Home His Lost Son; Luke 15:11-31
Chapter 21: Little Children Are Happy to Be Led; Luke 19-21
AM Audio | PM Audio | Notes

Week 6: The Woman at the Well and Her Conversation with Jesus;
John 4
Chapter 31: Little Children Are Authentic; John 1-4
Audio | Notes

Week 7: The Heart Connection Jesus Had to His Father; John 5:17-23 Chapter 35: Little Children Have Great Faith; John 5-8
Audio | Notes

Week 8: Jesus the Servant Washes His Disciples Feet; John 13
Chapter 39: Little Children are Humble; John 13-15
Audio | Notes

Week 9: The Holy Spirit, Gift of Heaven; John 16:5-15
Chapter 22: Little Children Live from Their Heart; John 16-18
AudioNotes | John Piper Article

Week 10: The Disciples Encounter the Resurrected Jesus; John 21
Chapter 51: Apostles of Love; John 19-21
AudioNotes | Lyrics; Divine Exchange By Charity Gale


Fall 2017 "Timeless Stories of Jesus: Hope and Healing for Every Woman"

Week 1: The Influence of Jesus’ Perspective on Mine
Audio | Notes  

Week 2: The Difference the Miracles of Jesus Makes in My Problems
Audio | Notes

Week 3: The Impact of Jesus’ Sermon on My Heart Attitude

Audio (Kate Hackman)|Notes

Week 4: The Power of Jesus’ Questions on My Circumstances 
Audio | Notes

Week 5:  The Impact of Jesus’ Baptism and Temptation on
My Attitude in Trials 
Audio | Notes

Week 6: The Significance of Jesus’ Love and Law on My Religion
Audio | Notes

Week 7: The Provision of Jesus When My Back is Against the Wall
Audio | Notes

Week 8: The Influence of Jesus’ Words on My Self Love
Audio | Notes

Week 9: The Difference the Stories of Jesus Make on My Priorities
Audio | Notes

Spring 2017: "Lessons from the Israelites for My Own Journey; A Walk Through Exodus"

The Lord said, “I have in fact seen the affliction (suffering, desolation) of My people who are in Egypt, and have heard their cry because of their taskmasters (oppressors); for I know their pain and suffering. So I have come down to rescue them from the hand (power) of the Egyptians, and to bring them up from that land to a land [that is] good and spacious, to a land flowing with milk and honey [a land of plenty] …”Exodus 3:7-8a (AMP)

Week 1: The Israelites as​ Mentors: An Introduction
Audio | Notes | Theme Song: "No Longer Slaves" Jonathan David & Melissa Helser

Week 2: When God Requires You to Have Extraordinary Faith ; A Lesson from Moses’ Mom
Audio | Notes | Theme Song: "The Spirit of the Living God" Vertical Church Band

Week 3: When You Find Yourself in Egypt; A Lesson from the Bondage of the Israelites
Audio | Notes | Theme Song: "Heroes //Brave New World" Amanda Cook

Week 4: When God Calls You Where You Don’t Want to Go ; A Lesson from Moses
Audio | Notes | I AM

Week 5: When Bitterness Follows Your Victory ; A Lesson from the Brook at Marah
Audio | Notes | Theme Song: "Letting Go" Steffany Gretzinger

Week 6: The Voice of Wisdom is Always Speaking: A Lesson from Jethro and Moses
Audio | Notes | Theme Song: "I Look to You" Jenn Johnson

Week 7: When Waiting is Your Agenda ; A Lesson from Mount Sanai
Audio | Notes 

Week 8: Holiness in the Midst of Golden Calves (Kate Hackman)
Audio | Notes

Week 9: When You Don't Know What To Do: A Lesson from the Ark of The Covenant
Audio | Notes

Week 10: When You Feel Hidden and All Alone: A Lesson from the Cleft of the Rock
Audio | Notes

Companion Book: “The Red Sea Rules: The Same God Who Led You In Will Lead You Out” written by Robert Morgan


Fall 2016:
A Life of Renewal: Navigating Soul Care That Impacts Me and My Family"

2 Corinthians 4:16 “Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.”

Week 1: God’s Promise to Guard My Storm-tossed Soul; An Introduction
Audio | Notes

Week 2: AM Session- The Impact of Core Lies on My Storm-tossed Soul -Sherilyn 

PM SessionThe Guarding Heart of God (Heather) “Because of this Guarding God, we learn to dwell in our soul more than in our life’s external realities, and we become strong and unshakeable in a world that’s falling apart.” – Heather
AM Session: Audio | Notes | Core Lies Worksheet
PM Session: Audio | Notes

Week 3: The Rescuing Heart of God
“To know Jesus as our guarding and keeping God we need to understand more fully what it is we’re rescued from. Each of us is a captive … who needs a rescuer.”  - Heather
Audio | Notes

Week 4: The Keeping Heart of God
“We have to teach our soul to believe the truth that God keeps me, no matter what is happening in my own life, in my own sin, and in my own mind. God is always keeping me in His hands” - Heather
Audio | Notes

Week 5: A Confident Heart; Saying Goodbye to Guilt and Shame
Audio | Notes

Week 6: An Undisturbed Heart; Recognizing the Root of Strife (Heather Holleman)
Audio | Notes

Week 7: A Stout Heart; Dealing with Wounds and Worry
Audio | Notes

Week 8: A Satisfied Heart; Releasing Heartache and Offense
Audio | Notes

Week 9: A New Focus for My Heart; Avoiding the Entitlement Trap
Audio | Notes

Week 10: A Renewed Heart and Mind; Living Life Guarded By Christ 
Audio | Notes


Spring 2016 "Hopeful Expectations" 

Week 1: What if … I Expected Jesus’ Power to Bring Fresh, New Life This Year?


Week 2: What if … I Expected the Holy Spirit to Change Me As I Read His Word?


Week 3: What if … I Expected Jesus to Show Me Where I Belong?


Week 4: What if … I Expected a “Seated Life with Christ” to Set My Heart Free?


Week 5: What if … I Expected Jesus to Move My Attention from Comparison With Others to Contentment With Me?


Week 6: What if … I Expected Jesus to Define My Life by Something More Satisfying than Appearance, Affluence or Achievement?


Week 8: What if … I Expected God to Use Me in the Lives of Others?


Fall2015 "Great Expectations"

Week 1: What if … I Expected God to...?

Week 2:
 What if … I Expected God to Help Tame My Emotions?

Week 3:
 What if … I Expected to Find Hope When the Road is Long?

Week 4:
 What if … I Expected Love to Make a Way?

Week 5:What if … I Expected God to Show Up Among the Different Personalities in My Home?

Week 6: 
Carol Bennet- Living in The Forest of Fear (Testimony)

Week 7:
 What if … I Expected God to Amaze Me Even When Things Don't Go My Way?      

Week 8:
 What if …. I Expected God to Speak to Me?

"Trusting God's Blueprint for My Heart and My Home."

Week 1:
God's Blueprint for Influencing the Next Generation: Seven Habits of a Woman's Heart

Week 2:
God's Blueprint for Letting Go: A Woman's Tendency to Control

Week 3:
God's Blueprint for Living in Truth: "I'm Fine!" and Other Lies We Tell in Church

Week 4:
God's Blueprint for Receiving His Help: What Your Family Needs the Most from You

Week 5:
God's Blueprint for Living in Victory: The Power of Your Words

Week 6:
Inductive Study John 21:14-17 (NASB) Abby Bradbury taught on the 3 components to inductive study. How the Inductive method beautifully forces you to not only read the Bible with your eyes, but also with your mind and therefore your mind is transformed, the heart is changed, and you begin to walk as God desires you to walk "in the works He has prepared beforehand for you to do." (Ephesians 2)
AUDIO | NOTES | POWERPOINT | Transformation Triangle

April 7:
God's Blueprint for Partnering with the Holy Spirit: Spiritual Formation in Your Children

April 27/29
God's Blueprint for Dealing with Negative Emotions: Fear and Other Hindrances to Healthy Relationships

Fall 2014
"Trusting God's Blueprint for My Heart & My Home"

Week 1: Trusting Gods Blueprint for My Heart and My Home

Week 2: Gods Blueprint for a Hurting Heart
AUDIO | NOTES | POWERPOINT | BlueLetterBible Tips 

Week 3: God's Love In My World: Living Corinthians 13 At Home and Beyond

(Audio from Fall 2011)


Week 4: Gods Blueprint for Raising Responsible Kids

Week 5: Gods Blueprint for the Ordinary Days of Marriage

Week 6: Gods Blueprint for Courage in Family Life and Beyond

Week 7: Overcoming Weariness During The Holidays & Everyday


Spring 2014 "Getting Back to the Basics"

Week 1: Lessons from Hannah: Essential Habits of a Disappointed Woman's Heart

Week 2: Expecting God Things in the New Year: Fostering Change in My Heart
Sorry, no audio, notes or PowerPoint. 

Week 3: Beauty-Full: The Longing of Every Woman's Heart

Week 4: Faith Formation: The Shaping of My Child's Heart

Week 5: Organizing Home and Family Life: A Heart at Rest

Week 6: Lessons from Psalm 34: Influencing the Hearts in My Home

*Week 7: Technology in My Home: Protecting Our Hearts from Obsession

*Week 8: Enlarging the Borders of My Trust: Facing the Fears of My Heart
AUDIO | NOTES | POWERPOINT | Names of Jehovah God

Fall 2013: "Getting to the Heart of What Matters Most"

Week 1: The Heart of the Home:  It's About You, Them, and Him 

Week 2: A Patient Heart: Chronic Annoyance in Marriage and Beyond

Week 3: Secure Hearts: Helping Your Child Feel Truly Loved and Accepted

Week 4: Tough and Tender: What’s Up with Men?
Guest Speaker, Vic King will explore differences between the male and female heart, and particularly focus on the emotions of men.  Male emotions are not necessarily different from women, but how they access and express them can be entirely different and  for some important reasons.  Vic will apply his teaching to the context of marriage, for the most part.


Spring 2013: "Leaving a Legacy of Light"

1 Peter 2:9 (NKJV) "But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light..."

Week 1: Shedding Light on Who You Think You Are: The Importance of My Identity

Week 2: Bringing Submission Back into the Light: Embracing a Biblical View

Week 3: Lighting the Way for Homemaking: Prioritizing My Home in the Midst of Busyness [Guest Speaker: Kathy Pons]

*Week 4: Shining a Light on Selfishness: Finding Fulfillment in Putting Others First

*Week 5: Confronting the Myth that Self Control is Hard: Cultivating a Disciplined Heart and Mind

Week 6: Light for My Path from Those Who've Gone Before Me: *A Panel Discussion, no recording of the session


Fall 2012: "Our Father's Words to the Battle Weary"

Week 1: Beware of Friendly Fire!  Know Who the Enemy Is, and Isn't                    AUDIO | NOTES |  POWERPOINT | CORE LIES WORKSHEET

Week 2: Armor Up! Part 1: Dressing for Life's Battles

Week 3: Armor Up! Part 2: Dressing for the Battle on the Home Front

Week 4: I've Got This One!  Trusting for Victory in the Daily Battles

Week 5: Beware of Bullies!  Knowing How to Respond to the Giant Who Taunts Day and Night [Bringing Home the Lesson of David & Goliath]


Spring 2012: "Putting on the Armor of Light"

WEEK 1: Putting on the Armor of Light  by LOVING OTHERS WELL

WEEK 2: Putting on the Armor of Light *Due to copyright restrictions, we are unable to post audio/notes for this week

WEEK 3: Putting on the Armor of Light by BEING CONTENT IN MY CIRCUMSTANCES

WEEK 4: Putting on the Armor of Light by UNDERSTANDING PERSONALITIES

WEEK 5: Putting on the Armor of Light for my CHILDREN by NURTURING THEIR SPIRIT

WEEK 6: Putting on the Armor of Light by RECOGNIZING MY BEAUTY

WEEK 7: Putting on the Armor of Light by LEARNING FROM THE EXPERIENCE OF OTHERS *panel discussion, no recording of the session


FALL 2011: "Leaving the Light On"

WEEK 1: What Value Do You Put on Being A Vessel of Light? Taking Lordship Seriously, Every Day in Every Way

WEEK 2: How Do You Keep Your Child's Light Burning Brightly?
Winning the Discipline Battle with Young Children (Sherilyn)

Enjoying Life with Your Teenagers (Jane Butler)


WEEK 3: Do Your Words Spread Light or Darkness? The Weight of Your Words in the Life of Your Family and Beyond


WEEK 4: Is the Light of Your Heart Brightly Burning or Dimly Lit? Managing Your Emotions & Not the Other Way Around

WEEK 5: Have You Hidden Your Light Under a Bushel? (NO!) Escaping the Perfection Syndrome                                                                                                          


WEEK 6: Who or What is Trying to Put Your Light Out? Dealing With the Reality of Personal Discouragement



WEEK 1: God’s Love in My World: Living I Corinthians 13 at Home and Beyond

WEEK 2: The Power of a Woman in the Life of Another: Influencing Those Around Me

WEEK 3: Sanity for Life’s Demands: When to Say "Yes" and When to Say "No"

WEEK 4: The Art of Listening Prayer: A Benefit for Every Woman

WEEK 5:  Peaceful Hearts, Peaceful Homes: Dealing with Hurt and Offense in Relationships


FALL 2010

WEEK 1: Better Relationships: Keeping a Soft Heart in Hard Places

WEEK 2: Taking the Battle Out of Discipline: The Consistent Approach

WEEK 3: A Woman’s Tendency to Control and the Power to Let Go

WEEK 4: Bridging the Communication Gap, in Marriage and Beyond

WEEK 5: Seasoned Women Panel Discussion

WEEK 6: Overwhelmed: Simple Ways to Bring Organization into the Home

WEEK 7: Overcoming in Weariness During the Holidays and Every Day

SPRING 2010 

WEEK 1: Seven Habits of a Woman's Heart: The Essence of Titus 2:3-5

WEEK 2: "I'm Fine!" and Other Lies We Tell at Church:  Dealing with the Perfection Syndrome

WEEK 3: What Your Family Needs from You the Most: Receiving the Rhema Word of God AUDIO    |    POWERPOINT    |    NOTES

WEEK 4: Fear and other Hindrances to My Destiny:  Managing My Emotions


WEEK 5: Peace in Family Life: Getting Organized at Home
AUDIO (Sherilyn)  |  AUDIO (Kelly)  |  POWERPOINT (Sherilyn)  |  POWERPOINT (Kelly)  | NOTES (Kelly)
WEEK 6: The "S" Word:  Understanding What God Meant When He Said "Submit"
WEEK 7: Getting Along in a Family of Opposites:  Normalizing the Differences of the Four Basic Personalities


WEEK 8: Grace-based Parenting:  Learning to Discipline My Children the Way the Father Disciplines Me                                                                                                                      AUDIO | POWERPOINT | NOTES

WEEK 9: Spiritual Formation:  Partnering with the Holy Spirit to Influence My Children AUDIO    |    POWERPOINT    |    NOTES