Are you Listening?

Jul 07, 2024

Passage:John 10:1-10

Preacher: Isaac Balban

Series: Extraordinary Prayer


The sermon emphasizes the importance of not only speaking to God in prayer but also actively listening to His voice. It unpacks how God's guidance is present not just in significant moments but also in the everyday, seemingly mundane aspects of life. The necessity of listening to and obeying God's voice is highlighted, as disobedience is seen as contrary to God's will and way. Two primary methods of hearing God are outlined: through the Word of God (the Bible) and the Spirit of God (listening prayer). By immersing in Scripture and practicing listening to prayer in silence, people can discern and follow God's guidance for a life of obedience and fulfillment. A challenge is issued to incorporate the practice of listening for the voice of God in daily routines and engage in regular listening prayer to deepen our spiritual well.